Alaska Seafood Advantage

Alaska Seafood is prized around the world for its flavor, versatility, nutrition and health benefits – especially Wild Alaskan Seafood.

Wild-caught Alaska salmon, whitefish and shellfish have many advantages. All Alaska finfish are wild-caught. The Alaska State Constitution makes finfish farming illegal. Alaska wild-caught seafood is healthy and natural with excellent flavor and nutrition benefits. Alaska wild-caught seafood matures at a natural pace, and swims freely in the pristine icy waters off Alaska’s rugged 34,000-mile coastline.

The superior flavor and texture of Alaska Seafood is prized around the world. The outstanding flavor and color of Alaska seafood comes from the seafood species feeding on their natural diet of marine organisms, and the texture comes from annual migrations in the icy cold waters of Alaska’s waters.

Alaska Seafood is prized by chefs around the world – from top restaurants to your home kitchen. It’s easy to prepare Alaska Seafood using any cooking method. Whether you like to grill, poach, bake, or sauté, you can have a delicious meal on the table in minutes.

Alaska Seafood is a healthy choice – nutritious, low in saturated fat, and high in the “good fats” — heart-healthy Omega-3s.

Environmentally Responsible
Alaska Seafood is an environmentally responsible “Green Friendly” choice. Careful management based on conservation and science assure sustainability. Alaska fisheries are managed by the State of Alaska and United States federal authorities.

Alaska Families And Communities
Alaskan Seafood is harvested by hard-working Alaskans. The harvesting and processing of Alaska Seafood plays an important role in Alaska, and much of it is done by family-owned and operated businesses. The seafood industry is the state’s largest private sector employer. Each small salmon fishing vessel, for example, is a floating family business, contributing to state and local economies. Alaska’s commercial catch accounts for almost 60% of the commercial seafood harvest in the United States.

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