Black Cod

Black Cod - Anoplopoma fimbria

Alaska Wild Black Cod is prized for its rich succulent flavor and a velvety texture. It has delicious and beautiful snow-white fillets that flake perfectly.

Alaska Wild Black Cod has a body size up to 114 cm (45 inches) with an average weight of about 25 kg (55 pounds).  It is known as Sablefish because of the soft, delicate texture. Its high oil content results in a wonderful flavor and it is rich in heart-healthy Omega-3. These fish inhabit deep water up to 2,740 meters (8,990 feet) deep.

Bon Appetit Magazine featured Black Cod on their list of Top 10 Hot Ingredients (January 2005 issue). Alaska boasts the largest Black Cod population in the world, thanks to the state’s tight regulations to ensure sustainability of its seafood species.

Fast Facts

  • Prized for rich succulent flavor and a velvety texture.
  • Body length up to 114 cm (45 inches).
  • Average weight about 25 kg (55 pounds).
  • Black Cod’s succulence is often compared to sea bass.
  • Rich in Omega-3.
Nutrition Information – Alaska Wild Black Cod
Serving Size 3.5 oz. Calories Protein (g) Fat (g) Saturated Fat (g) Sodium (mg) Cholesterol (mg)
Black Cod 195 13.4 15.3 3.2 56 49
Alaska Wild Black Cod Range