Geoduck Clam

Geoduck Clam - Panopea generosa


Alaska Geoduck Clams are prized for their size, savory flavor and crunchy texture.

Alaska Geoduck Clams feature a tender and moist meat. Geoduck are one of the largest burrowing clams in the world, with shells growing to sizes over 21 cm (8 inches) and the clams having a very long siphon tube sometimes over1 meter long (3 feet). The wet weight can be over 3.25 kg (7 pounds). These clams live burrowed into the seabed with their siphon stretching up out of the seabed.

Alaska Geoduck Clams are mainly found in Southeast Alaska. They are harvested by commercial divers.

Fast Facts

  • Prized for huge size, savory flavor, and crunchy texture.
  • Shell length around 21 cm (8 inches) and siphon length over 1 meter (3 feet) and up.
  • Weight around 3.25 kg (7 pounds) and up.
  • Geoduck is pronounced (gooey duck), and the name comes from a Native American word meaning “dig deep”.
  • Sometimes called King Clam.
  • Chinese call these Elephant Trunk Clam ( 象拔蚌).
  • Also called gweducgweduckgoeduck, and goiduck
Alaska Wild Geoduck Range