Alaska Wild Sole 

Alaska Wild Sole is prized as a healthy lean whitefish for its delicate, mild flavor and tender texture. There are several species of flatfish, commonly called flounder.

Alaska Wild Sole is known for its value and quality. It is perfect for a variety of dishes and plate presentations. Alaska Wild Sole is very versatile and suitable for all types of cooking methods and applications. As a low-calorie fish it is a great healthy choice.

The average size of a whole fish is 1 to 5 pounds. Alaska Wild Sole is harvested from Alaska’s Bering Sea, the Gulf of Alaska, and Southeast Alaska.

YELLOW-FIN SOLE - Pleuronectes asper

  • Fillet Size: Smallest in size; average 1-3 oz.
  • Mild, quite sweet
  • Cream-colored
  • Soft, fine flake
  • Thin

FLATHEAD SOLE - Hippoglossoides elassodon

  • Fillet Size: Thin fillets; average 2-6 oz.
  • Flavor: Mild
  • Color: Pearly-white, translucent
  • Texture: Thin, delicate flake
  • Shape: Thin, akin to Atlantic “Dab”

ROCK SOLE - Pleuronectes bilineatus

  • Fillet Size: Fillets average 2-7 oz.
  • Flavor: Sweet, slightly rich
  • Color: Pearly-white, opaque
  • Texture: Firm, succulent
  • Shape: Meaty, resembling traditional “Flounder”

REX SOLE - Errex zachirus

  • Fillet Size: Slender fillets; average 3-8 oz.
  • Flavor: Highly valued, sweet
  • Color: Snow-white
  • Texture: Delicate, fine
  • Shape: Long, slender like Atlantic “Gray Sole”

DOVER SOLE - Microstomus pacificus

  • Fillet Size: Largest of 5; fillets average 3-5 oz.
  • Flavor: Mild, delicate
  • Color: Light, cream-colored
  • Texture: Moist, flaky
  • Shape: Elongated

Other Alaska Wild Sole Species

  • Arrowtooth Flounder – Artheresthes stomias
  • Alaska Plaice – Pleuronectes quadrituberculatus


Nutrition Information – Alaska Sole
Serving Size 3.5 oz. Calories Protein (g) Fat (g) Saturated Fat (g) Sodium (mg) Cholesterol (mg)
Sole 99 20 1.3 .3 89 58







DOVER SOLE Largest of 5; fillets average 3-5 oz. Mild,delicate Light, cream-colored Moist, flaky Elongated
REX SOLE Slender fillets; average 3-8 oz. Highly valued,sweet Snow-white Delicate, fine Long, slender like Atlantic “Gray Sole”
ROCK SOLE Fillets average 2-7 oz. Sweet, slightly rich Pearly-white, opaque Firm,succulent Meaty, resembling traditional “Flounder”
FLATHEAD SOLE Thin fillets; average 2-6 oz. Neutral,mild Pearly-white, translucent Thin, dry delicate flake Thin, akin to Atlantic “Dab”
YELLOW-FIN SOLE Smallest in size; average1-3 oz. Mild, quite sweet Cream-colored Soft, fineflake Thin